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Re: AMD GPU Sea Islands Problem

[ Beware: User of Core 2 Duo machines talking here.  ]

> It might turn out to be pointless.

I strongly disagree here: it's by reporting such bugs that you can show
there is still interest in supporting such hardware.

> Users of older hardware, particularly Southern Islands and Sea Islands
> users, seem to get short shrifted with disappointing frequency
> by developers.

I'd find it very disappointing if hardware as recent as that would be
already considered too old to support satisfactorily.

I can understand that the developers may not want to spend much time
improving support for that hardware, but it should at least stay about
as good as it was in the past.

> I'm not sure what you encountered could be termed a bug.  Of course if
> you don't, there's a good chance it would never be noticed by
> any developer.

That's why it's important to report it.
Since it used to work, it's probably just an oversight.


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