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Re: i386 debian to 64bit intel

On 12/5/2020 7:32 PM, Jerry Mellon wrote:
Thanks John.
I’m not brave enough to try that yet. I will just backup. Do I need to re format or will the install take care of that?

No, the Debian installer (d-i) will per default take care of that for you.

Here's what I would suggest:
- Backup what you need as you will loos everything that is on the disk
that will be reinstalled
- Execute the below commands in a terminal to download the proper iso file:

$ mkdir debian-amd64-10.7
$ cd debian-amd64-10.7
$ wget
https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-cd/SHA512SUMS.sign https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-cd/SHA512SUMS
|| echo "Something went rong when checksumming."
$ sha512sum -c SHA512SUMS --strict --ignore-missing || echo "Something
went rong while verifying."
$ gpg --keyserver hkps://keyring.debian.org --keyserver-options
auto-key-retrieve --verify *.sign

Note that if you requires non-free firmware during installation you
might want the below URL instead:


If you want non-free firmware you can simply substitute the URLs in the
wget line above.

- If the above commands are successfull
- Install as you have already done but with the correct architecture
- When prompted on how to format the disk select the line that resemble
"Install home directories in a separate partition"


Please post through the list so others can chime in when needed or  when
I'm rong! :)

John Doe

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