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Re: Emergency mode when root account locked

On Fri, Dec 04, 2020 at 12:00:14PM +0000, deandre wrote:
> My problem is when I try to boot up deepin(Debian 10 buster)

Deepin is not Debian.  It's a derivative.  Your problems with Deepin
should be asked on a Deepin support list, because the users there will
have more knowledge about your operating system than we do.

> I get the message “cannot open access to console, the root account is locked
> See sulogin(8) man for more details” and after I press Enter it continues to
> give me the same message, at this point I’m not really sure what to do.

>From the original Subject: header, your question is apparently about
something called "emergency mode".  I am going to **GUESS** (here,
again, we are not Deepin users and we don't know how Deepin works)
that this is single-user mode, a.k.a. "rescue mode" in Debian, accessed
from the GRUB boot loader menu.

I am also going to guess that Deepin, like Ubuntu, defaults to giving
you a user account with sudo access, and no root password.  You can
achieve that in Debian as well, by doing something special during the
installation.  In all cases, it's a stupid idea and you shouldn't do it.

If you want to access single-user mode from GRUB, you need a root
password.  So set one.

You'd do that by booting normally, then running something like
"sudo passwd root" as your sudo-privileged user.

If you *can't* boot normally (hence your attempts to enter single-user
mode), then you'll need to boot from an installation image, or a
rescue image, or something along those lines.  Mount your root partition,
chroot into it, and run "passwd root" to set the root password.

Ask your Deepin mailing list for help doing that if you don't know how.

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