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Re: Can't print to CUPS printer on my server

On Tue 08 Dec 2020 at 19:24:45 +0100, deloptes wrote:

> Gary Dale wrote:
> > I'm running Debian/Bullseye on my workstation and Debian/Buster on my
> > server. I have an old HP CP-1215 color laserjet attached to the server
> > by a USB cable. I can print a CUPS test page from the server but not
> > from my workstation. When I try to print anything from my workstation to
> > that printer, I get /"No suitable destination host found by
> > cups-browsed."/
> > 
> > I've deleted and re-added the printer on the server and rebooted my
> > workstation but I still get the same problem.
> > 
> > The printer is using the foomatic drivers. CUPS reports that it is
> > 2.3.3op1 on my workstation and 2.2.10 on my server.
> > //
> On the client side /etc/cups/client.conf
> set ServerName  to the name or the IP of the cups server

First off: Unless it is desired to make ServerName system-wide, one
should use ~/.cups/client.conf.

Secondly: avahi-daemon, cups-browsed and, more importantly, cupsd
become redundant and unused. They may as well be purged from the

How does the client get to know the printer's attributes? That can
be done at present, even though printing does not take place.


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