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Re: Installation instructions.

On Fri 04 Dec 2020 at 22:56:41 +1100, David wrote:

> 2) And you probably need at least N=2 on an older machine.
> If there is sufficient RAM, the installer offers to load itself
> into RAM which frees up the partition where the iso is, so that it can
> be overwritten by the new install. If the RAM is insufficient this is
> not possible, so the partition where the iso is must be specified
> "do not use" because it is mounted and in use by the installer, so
> the new install must be done into another partition. I would
> deal with this by converting our installer boot partition to a /boot
> partition manually after the install is complete and rebooted
> into the new partition.

I have been using the hd-media installation method with preseeding
at priority-high for many years and never encountered this. It turns
out it was introduced as a consequence of #868900:


The default for iso-scan/copy_iso_to_ram is false, which is why I
never saw it. Thanks for drawing the option to our attention.

Choosing "true" doesn't suit me because hd-media is then unmounted.
All the files I use during an installation, including the critical
preseed.cfg, then become unavailable.

> 3) The grub.cfg I used was
> menuentry 'Debian Installer' {
>   insmod part_msdos
>   insmod ext4
>   set root='(hd0,msdos1)'
>   linux /vmlinuz priority=medium
>   initrd /initrd.gz
> }

My grub.cfg is

menuentry 'Debian Installer' {                                                                               
   linux /boot/vmlinuz priority=medium
   initrd /boot/initrd.gz                                                                                          

I think this would make "set root='(hd0,msdos1)'" superfluous. I wonder
whether the other two directives are defaults for GRUB?


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