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Re: Can't print to CUPS printer on my server

On Tue 08 Dec 2020 at 12:27:18 -0500, Gary Dale wrote:

> I'm running Debian/Bullseye on my workstation and Debian/Buster on my
> server. I have an old HP CP-1215 color laserjet attached to the server by a
> USB cable. I can print a CUPS test page from the server but not from my

The server is not the problem if printing from it is successful. Please

  avahi-browse -art > log1

on the server and post log here as an attachment. avahi-browse is in the
avahi-utils package. Also give 'lpstat -t'.

> workstation. When I try to print anything from my workstation to that
> printer, I get /"No suitable destination host found by cups-browsed."/

This is a cups-browsed issue. Give 'lpstat -t' on the client.

> I've deleted and re-added the printer on the server and rebooted my
> workstation but I still get the same problem.
> The printer is using the foomatic drivers. CUPS reports that it is 2.3.3op1
> on my workstation and 2.2.10 on my server.
> //


   avahi-browse -art > log2

on the client and sending log2 here could be useful.


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