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Help with install on old Mac

It is a Power PC G3 running Mac OS 9.

I've gotten CDs for Jessie 8.11, the last Debian release to support Power PC architecture.

I set up a second SCSI hard disk with an Adaptec controller and installed to it successfully.  However, upon reboot the system does not start immediately.  When it finally does, it boots the old Mac OS 9.

It turns out the existing disk is on an Advansys controller (?) that needs non-free firmware.  I figured this might be the cause of the reboot failure.

So I have rebooted from the CD and tried to access firmware on a USB stick.  I've tried several directory locations and had no success with the installer finding the files.  This may be due to the size of the stick (32G), I'll try something smaller later.

The real issue I need help with is that I can't figure out how, or even if it is possible, to use virtual consoles with Debian for Power PC, during install.  It would help if I could get a virtual console to work so I can take a look at what is going on behind the scenes.

Does anyone here have any experience from ages past with this environment?  Any suggestions for web sites with useful information for such old hardware?

I'm doing this for fun and learning, so I'm good with the restrictions all this will impose, particularly the old OS. ;)



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