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Re: i386 debian to 64bit intel

Andrei wrote:
>On Jo, 03 dec 20, 20:17:25, John Hasler wrote:
>> Jerry Mellon wrote:
>> > I am new to linux and made the mistake of loading the i386 Debian
>> > release 10 onto my 64bit intel system. I now want to put the 64bit
>> > version for intel on the system.
>> > Do I have to backup the data I have in my $HOME directory to load after
>> > loading the 64bit version...
>> Since you are new to Linux, yes.  There are other solutions but they are
>> too complicated for you at this point.
>The other solutions are very complicated also for advanced users and 
>most likely not worth the trouble.
>Reinstalling is probably faster and easier, especially if you already 
>have good backups of your data and configs.
>There is also little incentive in improving them as the number of i386 
>installs that are worth cross-grading is probably quite low and 
>decreasing daily.

We finally have a cross-grading option in Debian that takes away a lot
of the pain:


but it's definitely not something I'd recommend for a novice yet...

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