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Re: Ipv6, but no Ipv4 after reboot

On Mi, 09 dec 20, 15:54:53, Dominique Dumont wrote:
> Hi
> I've run in a weird problem. After a reboot, only Ipv6 address is setup on my 
> wired network card.

Did something change or has it "always" been like this? What about other 
systems on the same network (if any).

> The workaround is fairly simple: disconnect and reconnect with network 
> manager. Note that Ipv4 is brought up after suspend/resume
> Still, this is cumbersome. I've found no obvious problems in the logs. 

How / where did you check? What is the difference in the logs between 
reboot and disconnect / reconnect?

In case it helps, 'journalctl --unit NetworkManager.service' will filter 
entries (need to be root or member of 'adm' or 'systemd-journald').

> Where should I look to investigate this problem ?  

Is this with DHCP or static IP? If DHCP, can you tell us more about the 
DHCP server (device, software, etc.)? It might be useful to check the 
status / logs / etc. there if you have access.

Does it still happen if you switch to a static config?

Hope this helps,

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