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Re: i386 debian to 64bit intel

> Wow that's a really nice tool. I am somewhat boggling, though, at the
> idea in the Instructions[1] of crossgrading from arm64 to amd64. What
> manner of machine can interpret both of those instruction sets?!

While the idea of cross-grading was mostly developed in the context of
going from i386 to amd64 (as well as a few similar upgrades in other
architecture families), it is also useful when moving a Debian install
from one machine to a machine of a different kind, e.g. from an amd64
machine to an arm64 machine.

So the intention is not to take advantage of those hypothetical machines
that can natively run both arm64 and amd64 binaries, but to let you move
your system for example from an amd64 machine to an arm64 machine
without needing a reinstall.


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