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Ikiwiki on Debian

Using apt-get I have ikiwiki 3.20190228-1 on an amd64 Buster.

From /home/bob I run:

$ ikiwiki --setup Bob2021.setup --wrappers

and see this error:

"cannot write to /home/bob/Bob2021/.ikiwiki/lockfile: No such file or directory"

Here is the top of that Bob2021. setup file. I hope I have the syntax correct for the userdir tildes


# IkiWiki::Setup::Yaml - YAML formatted setup file
# Setup file for ikiwiki.
# # Passing this to ikiwiki --setup will make ikiwiki generate
# wrappers and build the wiki.
# # Remember to re-run ikiwiki --setup any time you edit this file.
# name of the wiki
wikiname: Bob2021
# contact email for wiki
adminemail: bob@fanatick.org
# users who are wiki admins
- bob
# users who are banned from the wiki
banned_users: []
# where the source of the wiki is located
srcdir: /home/bob/Bob2021
# where to build the wiki
destdir: /home/bob/public_html/Bob2021
# base url to the wiki
url: http://trollboy.ddns.net:8080/~bob/Bob2021
# url to the ikiwiki.cgi
cgiurl: http://trollboy.ddns.net:8080/~bob/Bob2021/ikiwiki.cgi
# do not adjust cgiurl if CGI is accessed via different URL
reverse_proxy: 0
# filename of cgi wrapper to generate
cgi_wrapper: /home/bob/public_html/Bob2021/ikiwiki.cgi
# mode for cgi_wrapper (can safely be made suid)
cgi_wrappermode: 06755

-- snip --

Thank you.

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