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[no subject] $10,000 2 IN 100 HOMERUN 10Gb drive - only 8Gb accessible 1.6 gig hard drive addition 2.2.x boot floppy. (was: I'm not giving up: backpack CD-ROM drive). Re: 2.2.x boot floppy. (was: I'm not giving up: backpack CD-ROM drive). 2.2.x kernels 2940U2W drivers in slink? 2nd posting of lpd message (better emailer) 2nd Request - APT, Slink upgrade problems 2 of 100 can be a matrix look and see 2 Questions Re: 386/4MB RAM? 3 button mouse Re: 480 error using slrnpull 4CnmB AAA 64 megs 8-bit safe text utils? >8GB drive partitioning Aagh! A little problem with Corel WP8 abiword troubles: improperly installed fonts accelerated X access for non-us packages acct going berserk! Ack! adding a module to a kernel adding new libs (.a) to debian (gnome xml) adding new ps fonts to latex (how to keep it during upgrades) Adding stuff to init adding to PATH Address book in mutt? Adobe Type1 Fonts in X Adobe Type1 fonts in X Adobe Type1 Fonts in X Advanced Printer Control? Again: Problems with Diamond Viper V550 Re: AGP video for Linux? Re: AHA 2940U2W Support under Debian Alan Cox's patches alarms: disk full Alcune domande ALI V Re: alsa ALSA, OSS and kernel drivers - all about sound Amanda rescue floppy Re: Announce: 3D graphical install for Debian Another pine dilemna Anyone help set up Iomega ZIP drive please? Any way to convert Word 7 files? Apache apache Apache? Apache and SSI Re: Apache and SSI (Problem solved) apache: browsing only what you want apache proxy configuration on slink Apache Server apac i740 re: APC BACK-UPS 600 APM configuration for server? April Fools? apt asking to erase files ? apt-get and apt-cdrom Apt is misbehaving Apt - Segmentation fault (Slink) APT setup (was: Re: An idea...) apt sources line Apt: WAS:: GNOME 1.0 .deb package? RE: ATI 3D Pro Turbo PC2TV graphic card + ATI-TV tuner card setu ATI 3D Pro Turbo PC2TV graphic card + ATI-TV tuner card setup ATI RAGE IIC PCI ati vedio card Ati Xpert@Play 98 AGP 2X ATI Xpert@Play 98 with Xwindows atx and fan (noise) control Audio CDs don't index properly with xcdroast autoload of fs modules from userland Automated installation, system verification Banshee Base Installation problems. BASH programming Basic networking info Beep best way to start gnome big problem at login Bizaree IPaliasing problems BLAS library? Boa error... boot.bat: invalid compressed format Boot Error Message after potato upgrade. boot failed due to superblock error and FAT BREAD Failure Boot failure on SPARCstation 2 Boot floppy booting from zip boot record recovery?? Broken Config. in! Broken libtiff3g-dev Buggy kernel-sources package in Debian 2.1? building glibc from dpkg source building lyx building pcmcia modules for 2.2.6 Burn the Official Debian CD Cable modem, Debian firewall/proxy and home PC's - advice! Can not mail to myself Cannot mount root after crash Can only print dvi Re: Can't connect to display :0? can't find installer for Communicator Can't Find URL Can't load modules [Re: Kernel compile OK] Can't open "can't open pseudo-terminal" error with glibc 2.1 (potato) Can't play a wav The case of the missing 64 meg... FW: The case of the missing 64 meg...use LOADLIN from floppy Cdrdao problems CD/R disks for backup? CD-ROM and KDE cdrom - no response CDROM Problem: Bad transfer size cdrom problems Cdrom Problems cd-rw mount and mkfs? cd-to-cd burning cfs??? changing default font for enlightenment Changing root password for sudo? changing user name chat serial port configuration Re: Cheapbyte CDs re- cheapbytes cd Cheapbytes CDs Cheapbytes Debian 2.1 Cheapbytes Debian 2.1 - Thanks RE: checking system integrity? which files are from debian / whi checking system integrity? which files are from debian / which have been modified Children Linux and Wine.... Citrix ICA and Debian Linux 2.0 Client side DHCP COAS 1.0 Communicator-4.51 weirdness Re: Communicator 4.5 libc6 version Compilation problems with XEmacs compile error--my choice of options, or the program? compiling gvim(vim) + where are help files compiling kernel Compiling keyboard maps... Re: compiling simple program compiling with vfat option Compiling xfstt Compressed X-protocoll? comsat error with new pts configuración de redes Configure Mouse config X - s3 virge Confused about Cable modem/ NIC setup "console" only groups and xdm Console Screen Saver Contents of base/libc6 Continuing saga... convincing smail to accept messages from windows Co-operation Copying system to another disk Corel : GNOME vs KDE corel on linux Correct /etc/apt/sources.list for proposed-changes Courtney in stable (slink)?! The last update was on 10:29 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 4380 messages. Page 1 of 9.

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