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Re: APT setup (was: Re: An idea...)

In foo.debian-user, you wrote:
> So I looked at the master lists suggested earlier in this thread and tried
> to restore the non-US settings that got fubared earlier in my setup. I
> couldn't get it to work. Here's what I've tried: 
> 1) using dselect, I choose apt as my access method. 
> 2) After retyping the sites that work (note to anyone listening: there
> really should be an "add source" option in apt- having to re-enter
> functional sites is dumb, especially since one error means you have to
> retype everything) I enter http://http.non-us.debian.org/debian as the URL
> for the new site, stable as the distribution, and non-US as the component. 
> This is the entry that makes sense (since non-US is a directory in 
> stable, and not the other way around) but is not the entry recommended by 
> apt, which says "non-US" should be the distribution and main, non-free, 
> etc. should be the components (which makes no sense.) 

Try http://non-us.debian.org/debian as the URL.


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