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Re: Anyone help set up Iomega ZIP drive please?

On 02 Apr 1999q, Conrado Badenas wrote:
> Anthony Campbell wrote:
> > I've compiled in SCSI support, SCSI Disk support, and IOMEGA parallel
> > support (which I think is unnecessary). None of these are modules and I
> > don't want to use modules if I can avoid it.
> [snip]

> If you don't like modules because now kmod doesn't deinstall unused
> modules, you can do it with the next line in /etc/crontab:
> $ grep rmmod /etc/crontab
> 0-59   *        * * *   root    /sbin/rmmod -as
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Thanks for the reply. Late last night I managed to get the thing running;
the problems I had were (1) I was using imm instead of ppa, and (2) I
hadn't included SCSI General.

Now that it IS running, I find that the printer works fine without using
modules and moreover it works from the port on the drive; very nice :-)

This is probably because the latest kernel (2.2.5) provides an improved

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