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Re: [SuSE Linux] What DO you lose with Linux ???

mmm.... I must be delusional.  I haven't booted my Win95 side in months
(When SuSE 6.1 with the 2.2.x kernel comes out I will reclaim that space
for Linux) so how am I keeping my checkbook balanced and reconciled? 
Must be a phantom copy of cbb.  I do my symbolic math with MuPAD 3.4
instead of MathCad 7.0 but I must be dilusional there also.  My scanner
scans perfectly well using Sane-1.0, which is called out of GIMP-1.0 and
my other graphics programs, to say nothing of Blender-1.37 and Varkon,
but I must be imagining things. I think I'm enjoying air combat
simulation with ACM 5.0, which is much better than M$ Flight Sim.  I'm
not into music but I do know there are some fantasic sound and sound
analysis programs.
To sum up, has this guy done any serious searching?

"(Ted Harding)" wrote:
> Apologies for duplicate postings, but I'd like to make sure I sound
> a diverse population.
> Today' London "Sunday Times" feature "Innovation" (pp 10-11 of "News
> Review", http://www.sunday-times.co.uk ) has an article by David Hewson
> (of "Linux, the Program from Hell" fame) entitled "Linux wins backing of
> computing giants".
> His attitude to Linux is much more moderate than it was: the article
> is basically balanced and fair, including some sound negative comment.
> However, he states:
>   "Behind the hype there is precious little sign of Linux becoming
>    a serious, versatile desktop OS. If all you need is a browser
>    to get through the day, it's fine. But if I boot the PC I am
>    using right now into any kind of Unix the list of stuff I lose
>    -- music composition, accounting and personal finance to name
>    but a few -- is endless because the applications just aren't
>    there. On top of that, Linux is difficult to set up, fails to
>    understand the difference between a desktop PC and a notebook,
>    and lacks any kind of plug and play facility."
> I'm sure the last sentence is simply wrong in point of fact.
> If, in the previous sentence, he'd given a longer "list of stuff I lose"
> one might be in a better position to respond constructively.
> However, can I ask people what they would use for "music composition,
> accounting and personal finance"? I'm aware of good programs for
> creating musical scores which can also generate MIDI output, but I'd
> hardly call them top-flight composition tools; and it does seem that
> the accounting/finance area is thinly served.
> He didn't mention OCR (optical character rcognition) either. Where is
> the OCR program for Linux that works?
> Now that vmware is out ( http://www.vmware.com ) people who want to
> can run Windows applications on top of Linux without, it seems, losing
> much or indeed anything, so this could be the basis of another line of
> reply to Hewson's article: he can start up Linux and the "list of stuff I
> lose" would be empty because it would all still be there!
> Comments, info, contributions, anyone?
> Best wishes to all,
> Ted.
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