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Boa error...

Good morning Debianites!  :^>

I pulled down the latest version of Boa, and am having
an interesting trouble: The force-reloads in the
cron maintenance jobs aren't working. The daemon won't
die, even with a "kill". It requires a "kill -9".

The error message in the /var/log/boa/error_log is

[22/Apr/1999:13:25:38 GMT] bind: Address already in use

After finally killing it and restarting, the follow
is added (for argument and version information)

[22/Apr/1999:13:39:14 GMT] boa: server version Boa/0.93.15
[22/Apr/1999:13:39:14 GMT] boa: server built Dec 12 1998 at 12:26:25.
[22/Apr/1999:13:39:14 GMT] boa: starting server pid=2755, port 80

The server then runs just fine until the next mornings
force-reload, when it hangs again and will not die.

Any ideas? Reply by direct email as well, please.



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