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2.2.x boot floppy. (was: I'm not giving up: backpack CD-ROM drive).

Thanks Jarek,

>> Q1: how can you check if which module is controlling what? (the startup
>> messages don't give me a clue).
>Type `lsmod` to see which modules are currently loaded.
>> Q2: how can you disable modules that you don't need?
>`rmmod <module>` will remove the module.
>You might also want to try using `modprobe` insted of `insmod`.
>Check if you have `lp` module loaded and if you do remove it.

All done, no positive result.

The only two modules that are loaded are epia and paride (used by epia), so
no lp and thus nothing seems to be in the way.

Next step: who knows where to find a boot floppy using a 2.2.x kernel?


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