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Re: best way to start gnome

shawnnguyen@prodigy.net wrote:
> Hi,
>         I've been trying to find out how to start the gnome session without getting all kinds of
> error when I exit X window.  When I read the gnome help file it says to put exec gnome-session in
> .xinitrc.xsession or .Xclients but I don't have those files in my directory.  I am guessing that my
> X window is starting with the default files.  I am new at this so I don't think I want to start writing
> a whole bunch of configuration for my X window stuff, I'd just rather use the default for now.
> Anyway, where should I put the command "exec gnome-session"?  If anyone could provide
> any help I would really appreciate it.  I am using the icewm-gnome window manager in case
> anyone needs that info.
> Shawn

	I put exec '/usr/bin/gnome-session' at the bottom of '.xinitrc'
in my home dir, and start X with 'startx'.  BTW, I still see
errors after exiting, so you aren't alone in that regard.

Ed C.

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