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[no subject] adding some lines into an existing conf file - without diff Adding system users and setuid Anyone in Nashua, NH, USA area for a keysigning? Application for sponsorship / mentoship apt configuration apt-get -t, the real story Architecture in _changes file? architecture in script autobuilders and java Re: Bug#151949: Use of the BTS for managing sponsorship bug #156682/wnpp for zinf C++ libraries Compiling C++ without -g config.* in the diff? Re: [C++] popen and ofstream(int) with g++ 3.0 Debconf questions and purge debuild, dupload and then? dependency bootstrapping problem dpkg-scansources DVD(DivX)促款练 概聪酒 盒甸俊霸... [ Help needed] fvwm-themes: Looking for a sponsor. Getting involved for the first time. Re: Help needed help with lintian issues How much redundancy? How to deal with usptream name change (ZINF) How to make a package version different from the source version? How to specify architectures *not* to be built? How to upgrade a conflicting package Init scripts, maintainer scripts, and debhelper Installing documentation from an upstream Makefile KDE3 package Library versioning libxmlsec lintian bug? "could not unpack to the desired level" lintian errors in my waimea package lintian warning - ? linuxfocus multiple base package question / documentation and i18n stuff thrown in too Looking for an advocate Looking for a sponsor for Isabelle Looking for Sponsor looking for sponsor/advocate Main, contrib or non-free? name collisions Need sponsor and advocate NewDiet - We Pay You!! - FANTASTIC WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM!!! statistics buggy ? Re: statistics buggy: I was accepted yesterday NM waiting... :) Re: obsolete, harmful conf files Orig tarball naming [OT] Gauging package popularity Package MessageWall Package testing... and sponsor requested. pam library (and dependancy) policies Passing arguments from pbuilder to dpkg-genchanges pbuilder, debarchiver, quintuple-agent pbuilder permission problems pbuilder - root privileges? (was: Re: Orig tarball naming) perl sponsor request problem with gnupg 1.0.7 and debsign Qt compiling (newbie) questions about general shlibs evilness Rejected upload -- adacgi request for package review - serel Request for sponsor Request for Sponsor / Advocate for packages: everything / libmail-sender-perl Request for sponsor: LCDproc Seeking sponsor for XDrum drum machine package Sending ITP during long NM process? *****SPAM***** 增值业务的机会。 Sponsor for aconnectgui and alsamixergui Re: Sponsor for GNU-Smalltalk Sponsor request for memtester Sponsor request (perl again) staging area ? subscribe svgalib and suid root Unidentified subject! unsubscribe Use of the BTS for managing sponsorship User interaction in postinst wanted sponsor for guardian package What is libg2c.a? And why do I have to link to it? What to do on accidential upload Why db_input ... || true Re: Why debhelper doesn't add /usr/doc/package links creation/re Re: Why debhelper doesn't add /usr/doc/package links creation/removal ? wmShutdown & suid XDrum package seeking sponsorship - Just added ARM support! The last update was on 16:58 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 352 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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