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name collisions

Well, I am going to ask advice _again_ in a naming collision problem (I
seem to get in problems with this quite often).

The situation:
I am packaging the nvrec tools from Justin Schuman since a couple of
months (sponsor is in the process of agreeing the package ;), but he's
on holidays now).
It has a number of binaries (nuvrec, divxrec, divx4rec, timer, nvplay,
nvcatch, ...).

Some time ago I had a naming conflict with mcplay, so we renamed the
tools to nvplay).

This one is, to my opinion, more fundamental.

I asked upstream to rename the binaries of nvrec to all lowercase
(seemed the good thing to do), so NVrec tools became nvrec tools and the
binaries all lower case (instead of NUVrec, DIVXrec, DIVX4rec, ... you
catch the drift).

Last week, I got a problem with a "corrupted" nuppel video file and
because I _really_ want to code it to xvid, started evaluating tools.

After trying the current transcoding tools (transcode and mencode),
someone pointed out to me that the original nuppel video tools might be
able to offer some help.

So, I changed the original sources to include the autotools and packaged
it for debian (see ITP). I noteced there was a binary called nuvrec
(also in nvrec tools) and renamed the binary to nuppelrec.

I mailed upstream about the changes (autotools and binary) and now he is
a bit _upset_ about meddling with the names and is claiming precedence
(nvrec tools is using nuppel video). The changes are at this point
debian only: 
-rw-------    1 marc     marc        88759 Aug 18 20:47 nuppelvideo_0.52-1.diff.gz
-rw-------    1 marc     marc          576 Aug 18 20:48 nuppelvideo_0.52-1.dsc
-rw-------    1 marc     marc          994 Aug 18 20:48 nuppelvideo_0.52-1_i386.changes
-rw-r--r--    1 marc     marc        54976 Aug 18 20:47 nuppelvideo_0.52-1_i386.deb
-rw-------    1 marc     marc       105289 Jul  7  2001 nuppelvideo_0.52.orig.tar.gz

All changes are in the diff file.

Futhermore, I am a bit hesitant, since, to my opinion, nvrec is more
active as compared to the original nuppel video tools, ...

Also, is renaming of binaries for debian at the discresion of the debian
maintainer (me) or should it be upstream (possibly interactive)?

I guess we'll have to figure this one out ourselves, but if anyone would
care to give his opinion, ...

	greetz, marc
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