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Re: Sponsor request for memtester


I will continue with the parts of sysutils you do not want to deal with.  Lets not orphan them, okay?  Also, I think at one time procinfo became its own package.



On Fri, 2002-08-09 at 08:56, Oliver Kurth wrote:
On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 08:24:33AM -0500, Lonnie Sauter wrote:
> Oliver- 
> I have no problems with you updating the sysutils package if you wish. 
> If you would like to have the package we could arrange it.  I have been
> looking to find something different to work on in any case. 

Okay, I think I would prefer this scenario:
Let me take over the complete package sysutils, I will (try to) fix the
bugs there, and split it into its four parts. Maybe we can provide
a virtual package sysutils, which depends on all four parts, so upgrades
are smooth. After some time, I will give procinfo and tofromdos free for
adoption, and keep bogomips and memtester. If there is nobody else who
wants procinfo and tofromdos, I will keep them for a while.

I think this way we achieve the following goals:
- split the package so that it makes sense
- get the bugs fixed (if possible)
- upgrades are smooth

Well, procinfo does not look so bad - maybe I keep it... and there is version
18 there, waiting to be packaged.

Is this okay for all of you?

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