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svgalib and suid root

I maintain zblast-svgalib, a svgalib game which has no suid bit
(only sgid games).  I got a bug report (#158058) complaining that
the default configuration does not allow a normal user to play it.
I know some other svgalib games are suid root (gravitywars, for example).

1. Does a svgalib game really require root privilege,
   or is rw access to some device file enough?
2. I have not audited zblast (not to mention svgalib) enough to justify
   suid root.  Is there any good workaround[1]?  A note in README.Debian
   about dpkg-statoverride?

A full audit is best, but you will get sick if you see the source of zblast.

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