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Application for sponsorship / mentoship

I don't seem to be getting any hits on my xdrum package so
maybe I need a bit more formal introduction.


I was going to Penn State in 1992 when I learned about Debian
an Linux. At the time I was running a fidonet BBS called
"Tactical Operations," it was XBBS 1.19 with BinkleyTerm and
I ran the thing using DesqView on my 386. I was a junior in
Computer Engineering at the time. During that year, I found
out about Linux and Debian 0.97 and actually installed it on
my box. I loved it and have used Debian exclusively ever since.
Well, stuff happens, I ran out of cash, my awesome GrandFather
died, and I headed home to regroup and help out GrandMa. Figured
I'd take a year off and get my finances in order.

Well, Butler, PA had no shortage of colleges. I attended fabled
party school "Slippery Rock University" and took two semesters
of Modula2 programming from Doc Hunkler. Next year I hit the local
community college and took general engineering, graduating in one
year as an Associate of Science in Engineering with honors in the
Phi Theta Kappa fraternity.

This was a turning point for me. I already was a mega computer
expert, and so I switched gears and upgraded to Mechanical
Engineering. I applied, was accepted and attended Grove City
College in Grove City, PA. Mechanical Engineering turned out
to be _way_ harder than anything I had ever previously experienced.
I persevered and graduated in 1999 from Grove City as an ABET
accredited Bachellor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Now, I'm living in Bradford, Pennsylvania, a beautifully wooded
area in the heart of the Allegheney National Forest. I work as
a manufacturing engineer and make a comfortable living designing
piping networks for natural gas installations.

Great, you say, well indeed it is. I have used every moment of
my time to get through college, and now that I have I am ready
to give back to Debian and put some of my spare time to good
use. My home network consists of my main box, a dual pII 450
SMP machine with Debian/Linux and Debian/Hurd, an older i686
box with Debian/Linux, two Corel Netwinders running Debian/ARM,
and one HP9000/C200 running Debian/HPPA.

Here's a brief rundown of my major programming skills.

Wizard Level Stuff:
 C, Python, Assembler

Good Working Knowledge Of:
 C++, Java, Perl, Ada95, m4

Use at work but don't really like:
 VBA / Access

Math Skills:
 Extreme! Numerical methods, partial differential equations,
 I'm a mechanical engineer - can solve just about anything.

My previous work:
 1'st ever pthreads implementation for Debian/Hurd. I ported
 GNU Pth to Hurd around 03/2002. The patch files are here:

My Latest Stuff:
 XDrum packages: http://www.gyrodynamic.net/debian/

Latest Wanderings:
 I was at Debconf2 at York University in Toronto, ON

What do I look like?

Yes, my gpg key has been signed by 5 Debian developers.

Well, Later Days!
- Doug

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