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Library versioning

I have built packages of aqsis, a RenderMan renderer, that builds several of 
it's components as shared libs. The build is quite well behaved with libtool 
etc., but it does not currently version any of the libraries. Before I upload 
the package to the archive I would like to make sure that some versioning is 
in place.

Currently I am planning to package the libraries as an "aqsis-libs" package, 
analogous to the "kde-libs" package. This is because I do not believe it is 
worthwhile to package 14 libraries separately and then have a binary package 
that depends on 14 other packages, and any user of these libraries will 
likely use more than one of them.

The first patch I submitted to upstream added a "-version-info" tag to each 
of the 14 libraries Makefile.am. After discussion with upstream it was 
decided that this was probably too much for him to keep track of versioning 
(i.e. 14 different places to keep track of separate versions). My plan B is 
to have a single version. In other words, I would set a global variable in 
the build process and version all the libraries the same, so a change in one 
would bump the version of all the libraries. This is obviously not optimal, 
but is it likely to be workable? Are there any obvious problems with it?

The library interfaces are of varying stability, and are written in C++, 
another reason why I will hold off uploading until the gcc 3.2 transition.

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