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RE: name collisions

> Futhermore, I am a bit hesitant, since, to my opinion, nvrec is more
> active as compared to the original nuppel video tools, ...
> Also, is renaming of binaries for debian at the discresion of the debian
> maintainer (me) or should it be upstream (possibly interactive)?
> I guess we'll have to figure this one out ourselves, but if anyone would
> care to give his opinion, ...

Debian should try *very* hard to match the upstream names.  otherwise any docs
or 3rd party tools will not be happy under Debian.  Also if a user sends them a
bug the upstream is likely to say "huh? what is that?".  It also makes it
harder for the user to seek help from upstream mailing lists.

In general I find that if I just package up the work of the original authors
everything goes smoothly.  Sometimes however you need to seek change.  If it
were my package I would not have asked the nv people to lowercase their

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