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pbuilder permission problems

[sorry if this is the wrong place to ask - please redirect me if needed]

  I'm having trouble getting started with pbuilder.

I'm trying to run pbuilder create using an up to date sid mirror, and my
machine being sid updated just before perl 5.8 made its way into the
repository (not been able to upgrade yet - too many dependency

The packages are downloaded and extracted with no problems reported,
then I get 
chroot: cannot execute mount: Permission denied
W: Failure trying to run: chroot /mnt/ext/pbuilder/build/19106/. mount
-t proc proc /proc
umount: /mnt/ext/pbuilder/build/19106/./proc: not mounted
pbuilder: debootstrap failed
 -> Aborting with an error
 -> cleaning the build env 

If I comment out the line to clean the build env and try
chroot /mnt/ext/pbuilder/build/19106/. /bin/whatever
I also always get permission denied messages. 

Any ideas?


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