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Request for sponsor

(Not having a great success rate with these requests, but I'm trying
again since no one's told me I'm doing anything wrong)

I've packaged sawfish-themes, the details of which don't really need
much explanation.  It addresses the matter that except for the few
packaged with sawfish itself, there are no sawfish themes to be had in
Debian.  The theme-converters package can make a deb from a single
sawmill theme tarball, but it hasn't worked since sawmill became sawfish
2+ years ago.  I've used icewm-themes and sawfish as organizational

I'm soliciting a sponsor before the package is ready, because wm themes
tend to have vague licenses and drive from one another.  I'm willing to
do the legwork of hunting down authors and ascertaining DFSG-freeness,
but since it's going to take some time & effort I'd like to find someone
at least nominally willing to sponsor before starting the chase.

The packaging job is done (http://devin.com/debian/; ignore
sawfish-theme-big); the copyright file lists the authorship and notes
those themes for which I need to ascertain freeness.

Package: sawfish-themes
Architecture: all
Depends: sawfish (>= 1:1.1a)
Description: Themes for the Sawfish window manager
 This package contains contributed themes for Sawfish; they can be used
 to alter the appearance and some behavioral aspects of your Sawfish
 After installation, sawfish themes may be selected from the
 section of the Sawfish configurator, or from the "Frame Style" submenu
 of any particular window menu.

Devin  \ aqua(at)devin.com, 1024D/E9ABFCD2;  http://www.devin.com
Carraway \ IRC: Requiem  GCS/CC/L s-:--- !a !tv C++++$ ULB+++$ O+@ P L+++

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