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Re: Debconf questions and purge

Ian Zimmerman <itz@speakeasy.org> writes:

> Jerome> A same kind of problem is likely to happen for the conffiles
> Jerome> and other non-conffiles configuration files that I move from
> Jerome> wwsympa to sympa and that are been removed in wwsympa postrm.
> Joey> I'm afraid you're on your own there; dpkg does not deal with
> Joey> shared conffiles well when the older package is removed I think
> Joey> it removes the conffile.
> Surely you mean "when the older package is _purged_"?

  Yes, purged.

> I have done "dpkg --remove oldname ; apt-get install newname" many
> times on my system, and I think it works.

  It is ok with remove.

Jérôme Marant


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