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autobuilders and java


I'm working on getting my limewire package into the archive. You can
get the package from my website, hyperpoem.net, in the right hand side

Unfortunately, my sponsor was unable to compile it, and pointed out
that the qutobuilders won't be able to either. I'm also looking for
someone more familiar with packaging java applications that could help
me with this package. 

I included java-compiler as a build dependency, but the limewire code
doesn't compile with gcj. I used the blackdown jdk to make the

Is there a better/recommended compiler in main that might compile a
fairly involved application that depends on swing?

I'm not very experienced with packaging java applications. I'm working
on limewire because I know about packaging and about gnutella, but my
java knowledge definitely needs some work. I'm a little leery of
changing the limewire code to make it compile in gcj, but if that's
what needs to be done, then I'll do it. 

One example of something that didn't compile in gcj but does in the
blackdown compiler was


which I changed to super.send(); because I think that the call was
made from within the ConnectionManager class, and therefore didn't
need to be explicitly specified. 

Thank you


michael cardenas | lead software engineer | lindows.com | hyperpoem.net

"Every concept grasped by the mind becomes an obstacle in the quest to those who search."
- Gregory of Nyssa

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