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Re: libxmlsec

Colin Walters wrote:
Hm.  Well, maybe you could try again...according to our developer
tracker he was last seen on -devel-changes on Aug 5, so maybe he just
missed your mail for some reason.

OK, I'll make another attempt.

How do you plan to get your key signed for applying to the project?

Luck, or otherwise wait until I'm back in the States (by the end of the year).

Incidentally (and this is more a question for upstream, but maybe you
know), how hard would it be to make this library work with GNUTLS?  See,
I might want to use it with a GPL'd application, and of course since
libxmlsec links with OpenSSL this won't work.

Ouch, I hadn't noticed the OpenSSL license. I have interest in using libxmlsec in GPL'd applications myself. I'll run it by the author, but I suppose it will come down to how complete GNUTLS's openssl compatibility is.

There is another licensing issue coming in the other direction. Currently libxmlsec doesn't support PGP key types-- apparently there is no PGP implementation that lets the author keep his MIT license.


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