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KDE3 package

Well, my previous package (problems and all) seems to get approval of my
mentor, so I thought it was time to start thinking about me second

My reasoning is that I never package anything that I do not use or am
not interested in (just a matter of still spending enough times when
work is getting pretty busy), so for a number of reasons I decided to
package k3b.

It's a pretty complex package (with loads of dependencies) but currently
upstream moved to KDE 3. Is there already a debian "move" to KDE3
packages (keeping in mind the probls with the current KDE3 base
packages)? If so, anyone interested in checking the package?

btw, k3b is a full fledged graphical frontend for burning, composing,
copying CDs (data and audio) and even some tools for burning video to

	greetz, marc
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