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Re: Sponsor request for memtester

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 06:22:26PM +0200, Oliver Kurth wrote:
> > Is memtester the same as memtest? If yes, why did you package it at
> > alle? If no, why the conflicts?
> The package name ist memtester, the executables name is memtest. It is indeed
> the same memtest that is in sysutils.

> You cannot find memtest easily, that is why people file RFPs for it, and
> that is why I did not find it as well.
Sorry, but just because some people have trouble with

Blackbird:~# apt-cache search memtest
hwtools - Collection of tools for low-level hardware management
kernel-patch-badram - Kernel patch allowing to use partly-bad RAM
memtest86 - A thorough real-mode memory tester.
sysutils - Miscellaneous small system utilities.
Blackbird:~# apt-cache show sysutils | grep memtest
Replaces: bogo, memtest, procinfo
Conflicts: bogo, memtest, procinfo
  *   memtest - Test system memory for errors (v2.93.1).

is no excuse for packaging this seperately IMNSHO.

Furthermore, libncurses5 is Priority: required, so I don't really buy
your argument about cutting down dependencies either. 

Why don't you contact the sysutils maintainer and ask him about
co-maintaining it or something?

my 0.02 Credits,


<walters> SuSE would need more than LSB tests to look better than
          Debian; they'd need divine intervention :)  (or a copy of a
          woody CD, and a SuSE sticker)

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