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Re: How to specify architectures *not* to be built?

At 21:34 +0200 8/11/02, Russell Coker wrote:
>On Sun, 11 Aug 2002 21:16, Geert Stappers wrote:
>> >So you think I should keep my selinux packages as architecture any, even
>> >though they will never run on on HURD or BSD?
>> >
>> >What about the Trusted BSD support packages?  If Trusted BSD gets support
>> > on multiple BSD architectures then should it be listed as architecture
>> > any even though it will never compile on Linux?
>> Hi Russell,
>> To answer your question the rude way:  YES!
>> We are talking in 'debian-mentors@lists.debian.org'.
>> When some smartie reports here
>>  "My package doesn't build on arch foo,
>>   I want to do an exclude of arch foo",
>> then the answer shouldn't be
>>  "just list the supported archs"
>Please read my messages before replying.  I am not talking about packages
>that just happen to not compile, I am talking about packages that are
>specifically designed for certain platforms only.

Okay, that makes sence.
"specifically designed for certain platforms only" are the missing words.

At 16:08 +0200 8/9/02, Andreas Rottmann wrote:
>I have one package (radvd) that builds only on Linux (and the *BSDs),
>but not on the Hurd. How dow I specify that arch requirement in the
>control file? Policy D 2.3 seems to indicate I can only sepcify a list
>of supported archs, which is not what i want. I would like something like
>Architecture: !hurd-i386
>is this possible?

Even if you have a good reason to exclude architectures,
please don't exclude them.


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