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Re: Main, contrib or non-free?

> Refer to the Debian Policy Manual, section 2.1.2.
> <quote>
> In addition, the packages in main
> * must not require a package outside of main for *compilation* or execution
> (thus, the package must not declare a "Depends", "Recommends", or
> "Build-Depends" relationship on a non-main package)
> </quote>
> (emphasis added)
> If the program cannot be compiled using free tools, then it is not very
> free.  The idea of free software is to allow anyone to use, modify and
> redistribute the software for any purpose, and requiring proprietary
> software for modification restricts that freedom.

it is perfectly reasonable to have a GPL app that can only be built by say MS
VisualC++.  Debian has chosen to further define what may go in main as programs
which can be compiled on Debian with software shipped by Debian.  This to is
reasonable.  If it can not be autobuilt by our build daemons it is not useful

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