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lintian bug? "could not unpack to the desired level"

Follows the output of a "lintian -d" on a *.dsc file.

I get the same behaviour on all *.dsc file on which I'm trying,
otherwise I get no problem in using lintian on *.deb packages.

I also straced the lintian process and noticed that the "No such file or
directory" came from a lintian-status file looked for in /tmp, probably
the lintian temp dir in which it unpack the source file.

Is this supposed to be a lintian bug?
Anyway I found no mention of it in the BTS ...

N: Lintian v1.20.17
N: Lintian root directory: /usr/share/lintian
N: Configuration file: /etc/lintianrc
N: Laboratory: /tmp/lintian-lab.30378
N: Distribution directory: 
N: Default unpack level: 1
N: Architecture: any
N: ----
N: Setting up lab in /tmp/lintian-lab.30378 ...
N: Processing 1 packages...
N: Selected action: check
N: Requested unpack level: 1
N: Requested data to collect: override-file,copyright-file,file-info,debian-readme,debfiles,init.d,md5sums,changelog-file,diffstat,scripts,objdump-info,menu-files,doc-base-files
N: Selected checks: manpages,files,debian-readme,menus,md5sums,debhelper,scripts,shared-libs,etcfiles,debconf,standards-version,copyright-file,debdiff,menu-format,control-files,description,binaries,init.d,conffiles,spelling,changelog-file,fields,cruft,infofiles
N: ----
N: Processing source package netclient (version 0.3-OCaml3.04-6) ...
N: Base directory in lab: /tmp/lintian-lab.30378/source/netclient
N: Current unpack level is 0
N: Unpacking package to level 1 ...
N: Current unpack level is 1
N: Unpacking package to level 2 ...
N: /usr/share/lintian/unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l2 /tmp/lintian-lab.30378/source/netclient
internal error: error occured during execution of dpkg-source: 
internal error: could not unpack package to desired level: No such file or directory
N: Skipping check of source package netclient
N: Removing /tmp/lintian-lab.30378 ...

TIA Cheers.

Stefano Zacchiroli - undergraduate student of CS @ Univ. Bologna, Italy
zack@cs.unibo.it | ICQ# 33538863 | http://www.cs.unibo.it/~zacchiro
"I know you believe you understood what you think I said, but I am not
sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!" -- G.Romney

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