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Re: Use of the BTS for managing sponsorship

Le Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 01:12:46PM +0200, Peter Palfrader écrivait:
> > Sorry, you're just unconstructive... what overhead
> The overhead of managing the bug.

It's not your work, but the sponsoree work. And managing the bug is not
harder for the sponsoree than managing its CGI entry or anything else.

> Maybe I need to look up the definition again. I had the impression that
> uploading other people's packages after reviewing them was called
> sponsoring.

Yes, but most of the sponsor sponsor the same package several times.
You do not.

You're also not looking actively for people that you can sponsor (you're
just waiting to see something in debian-mentors while other may want to
look for sponsoree who have found no sponsors in the past).

Using the BTS is useful for all this.

> Proof by assertion?  I currently see no advantage of adding yet another

You don't proove anything neither ...

> pseudo package over simply using the list as is.  Stating that the

Use your brain. Give a me simple way to find the complete list of
packages that need to be sponsored with your system (a simple url does
the job for my system) ? Give me a simple way to look the history of
sponsoring of a single package ? Give me a simple way to make sure that
all sponsoree have found a sponsor ? Give me a simple way to know the
list of packages that are currently sponsored ?

All this can be done with the BTS.

> benefits are real and obvious does not really convince me.  OTOH you
> don't need to convince me, I have no special priviliges anyway.

But aj is using people like you to tell me "you have no consensus, I
won't create what you want" ... sorry, but by beeing unconstructive
here, you just block my work.

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