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Re: Use of the BTS for managing sponsorship

Le Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 12:16:11PM -0300, Leo Costela écrivait:
> (again, I obviously don't), but you could be more concise and just make
> up a list of Pro's and Con's for each system, then we could stand on

Duh, the various arguments have been given numerous times already.
I'll sum up yet another time since you're the second asking me to do it.

Current CGI
- gives a list of sponsoree and associated sponsors with a little
  paragraph describing the packages to sponsor
Cons :
- you can only submit one entry by email
- you can't update your entry once you submitted it
- it's hosted on a non debian machine
- sponsors never look at the CGI
  (=> sponsoree get better results by mailing debian-mentors)
- there's no synchronization between debian-mentors
  and the cgi

BTS sponsorship entry :
- gives a list of sponsored packages and possibly the history of what
  happened during the sponsorship of the package
- debian-mentors is automatically informed of any new sponsorship
- it's on a debian machine (=> more official)
- you can always add some information to the bug log if the initiale
  information is outdated (ie url changed, so on)
- everyone can help to keep the database up to date
Cons :
- sponsoree must use the BTS (ie reportbug) to ask for sponsors
- sponsoree must be able to add the "fixed" tag to keep his bugs
  up to date
- debian-mentors would probably get a bit more trafic because
  of that (bug closure, tag processing)

And for the record, I give the third solution :

Drop the CGI and only keep debian-mentors :
Pros :
- very simple, everything happens in debian-mentors
Cons :
- we have no information about the status of each sponsored package
- digging out information about sponsored packages is difficult in the
  list archive
- it's impossible to create a list of people who are currently looking
  for sponsors

Feel free to complete my lists if you think that I'm biased. 

Who is still not convinced ? :)

> If what I'm proposing sounds THAT bad, please ignore me instead of
> offending me, thanks a lot.

You should not be afraid. :-)

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