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Looking for Sponsor

My current sponsor, Simon Richter, is very busy at the moment, so I'm
looking for someone else to help out. 
I'm in the NM queue, waiting for an AM.

The package which currently needs checking is GtkBalls, a small gnome2
puzzle game. 
There has just been a new upstream release, so I have updated the
package. This fixes a high scores bug and also closes a bug relating to
an NMU for recompilation with the new libgtk2.0 (compiled against

All my files for gtkballs-3.0.1-1 are available at

I would be most grateful if someone would check them and upload if
they're satisfactory. 


| Mark Howard               cam.ac.uk   mh344@ |
| http://www.tildemh.com    tildemh.com    mh@ |

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