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Re: Sponsor request for memtester

On Sat, Aug 10, 2002 at 09:53:24AM -0500, Lonnie Sauter wrote:
> Oliver-
> I will continue with the parts of sysutils you do not want to deal
> with.  Lets not orphan them, okay?  Also, I think at one time procinfo
> became its own package.

Packages get orphaned when nobody is interested in them any more. Consequently,
if you are still interested in those parts, they do not get orphaned.

Well, I am just interested in memtester. I offered to take over the whole
package, so that they do _not_ get orphaned, but since it is my opinion
that they are in separate packages, I would split it. Since I am not really
that much interested in the parts other than memtester, I would at some
time in the future offer them for other developers.

Okay, I hope we have come to a conclusion now: I take memtester, you take it
out from sysutils. But I would suggest that you split the package into its
then three parts.

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