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perl sponsor request

  My usual sponsor, Simon Richter, is having problems finding time for
Debian at the moment. He also doesn't know perl or perl-policy very
well, so doesn't want to take on this package. Hence, I'm looking for a
new sponsor. 

I have packaged the libgtk-handyclist-perl as it is needed by another of
my packages, greenwich. 

After consulting with the debian-perl list, I created the
libgtk-handyclist-perl package, using dh-make-perl.
This seemed to go quite well. dh_perl didn't pick up on the
libgnome-perl dependency, so I added that manually. 
This is available at http://tildemh.com/tmp/debian/

Package: libgtk-handyclist-perl
Architecture: all
Depends: libgnome-perl, ${perl:Depends}
Description:  A more Perl-friendly Columned List
 This is a version of Gtk::CList which takes care of some common
 things for the programmer. For instance, it keeps track of what's
 in the list, so you don't need to keep a separate array; when the
 titles are clicked, the list will be re-sorted according to
 user-supplied functions or some default rules. It allows you to
 reference columns by name, instead of by number.


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