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staging area ?

Hello, ...

I am packaging the ocaml language and some related libraries.

There was a new release lately, which i packaged, but was somewhat
buggy, and now i wish i had released it first into experimental (like
gnome2 does) or a staging area (like perl does), since i cannot easily
take it out of unstable (unless using epoch or 3.05_is_in_truth_3.04
versions) and its presence in unstable hinders upload of 3.04 related
libraries. (Well, it is not all that problematic, since by end of the
month, upstream will fix all problems, and make a new release).

So i would like to know, which of the gnome approach (uploading to
experimental) or the perl approach (using a staging area) is better or
more recomended, and also if there is some documentation available on
building a staging area.

I suppose the advantage of experimental is that it is mirrored, while
the staging area is not and that to build a staging area, i need some
kind of copy of the dinstall scripts or something such and run them on
a private subdirectory somewhere ?

Any help or hint to information would be welcome.


Sven Luther

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