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Re: fvwm-themes: Looking for a sponsor.

>>>>> "Alexis" == Alexis Rimbaud <rimbaud@nerim.net> writes:
    >>  Hi Alexis.  Don't you think it is better to split the themes
    >> in another package?

    Alexis> Yes, I think it would be better.  What do you think of
    Alexis> building one package per theme or do you prefer one
    Alexis> package for all the themes?

    Base themes can go in a single package IMHO. And what about
packaging fvwm-themes-extra? :)

    Alexis> I have no sponsor yet so I would be glad if you would
    Alexis> sponsor me.

    Np. Drop me a line when you have splited the package.


Luis Bustamante
CSO, Fluid Signal S.A.

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