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Re: Sponsor for GNU-Smalltalk

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, Brett Cundal wrote:

> Hi all,
> The current maintainer of gnu-smalltalk has been busy lately, and as
> of last week he was "officially" determined to be MIA. I had been
> working on new gnu-smalltalk packages with his knowledge, and now I've
> filed an ITA on the package.
> My packages are available at http://www.cundal.net/debian. The version
> 2.0.1 packages are the current version. I need to have someone look
> over them before they're ready (I'm sure they're not - at the very
> least they need to be re-versioned). Let me know if you're interested.

I looked at your 2.0.1-0.0pre1 package with the 2nd July timestamp.

- It seems you forked from Alex Shinn's verion of 9th July 2000. Please
  make sure that all Non Maintainer Uploads and QA Uploads that have
  been done to gnu-smalltalk since then (5) are taken into account.

  If some of them are not applicable any more because you repackaging it
  that's fine but make sure to include their changelog in yours.

- No need to include maintainer scripts that don't do anything.

- the upstream URL in copyright is wrong.

- Why did you drop the README.Debian?

- Please remove unneeded dh_* calls from your rules file

I'ld be happy to look at the package again if you fixed those things and
eventually sponsor your upload when the package's ready.


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