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Re: Use of the BTS for managing sponsorship

Le Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 05:31:20PM +0200, Rune B. Broberg écrivait:
> You are the person trying to change something, you should prove your
> point, instead of worrying about people not proving why this should not
> be established.

I'm the guy who invented sponsorship, I'm the one who wrote the
sponsorhip CGI.

Yes I know what I'm speaking about. I hate to be forced to say things
like that. 

=> If you have nothing against what I want to do, just trust me and let me
do. Otherwise come up with valid criticism.

> At least, please try to summarize the advantages of using this exact
> solution, over the current situation and other possible solutions.

Sorry, but everything has been summarized several times already. Read
the bug log again and this thread, they are not very long, you can
easily make up your mind.

> - What does a person in need of a sponsor for package "foo" do? File a
>   bug against sponsorship, with what as the subject?

yes with subject "foo -- short description". He may want to add some
[keyword] eventually ... either a language like [fr] or a coding
language [perl] to give more information to the sponsors with just
the suject.

> - How does someone wanting to sponsor a single upload of package "bar"
>   for J. Random Hacker handle doing so, using the BTS?

Using the BTS doesn't change anything here. He mails the sponsoree and
the BTS to let other know that this upload is sponsored. Then he does
his usual job.

A sponsoree prefers a regular sponsor, so he's always looking for that
until he has one.  If he doesn't have any, he will have to ask each
time. Not complicated, he just needs to send a mail to the bug log.

> - How does someone wanting to sponsor all uploads for a person or
>   package use the sponsorship package?

The package that are always sponsored by the same developer should be
marked as fixed so that they don't show in the list of
packages that are looking for a regular sponsor.

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