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Debconf questions and purge


  I need to merge the wwsympa package into sympa. Both packages
  use debconf.
  I wonder how I should merge wwsympa debconf templates into sympa's.
  In sympa, debconf variables start with sympa/ and wwsympa ones
  start with wwsympa/
  If I keep the same variable name, I feel like I'm going to have
  problem if the user decide to purge wwsympa, because of db_purge.
  So do I really have to care for the purge and to rename variables?

  A same kind of problem is likely to happen for the conffiles and other
  non-conffiles configuration files that I move from wwsympa to sympa
  and that are been removed in wwsympa postrm.

  What is the bast way to handle this?

  Thanks in advance.


Jérôme Marant

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