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Re: Orig tarball naming

On Fri, 16 Aug 2002 19:16:57 +0100, Paul Cupis <paul@cupis.co.uk>
>On Friday 16 August 2002 18:10, Marc Haber wrote:
>> I am wondering how cvs-buildpackage fits into this. From what I
>> understand, cvs-inject checks in the unpacked upstream tarball into
>> the CVS, puts an upstream_version tag on it. cvs-buildpackage then
>> creates the orig.tar.gz from the CVS sources. Isn't that a violation
>> of the pristine sources principle?
>I don't think it creates the orig.tar.gz from CVS _if_ the orig.tar.gz already 
>exists in the parent directory or the build directory.


Looks like I'll have to say goodbye to my practice of building in a
virgin changeroot, or that I'll have to modify my scripts to put the
upstream tarball where cvs-buildpackage expects it to be :-(

This is also clearly documented in the man page, where I must have
missed it. Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.


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