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Re: libxmlsec

Colin Walters wrote:

Incidentally (and this is more a question for upstream, but maybe you
know), how hard would it be to make this library work with GNUTLS?  See,
I might want to use it with a GPL'd application, and of course since
libxmlsec links with OpenSSL this won't work.

Aleksey Sanin writes:

    AFAIK, GnuTLS is on the very earlier stage of development. Plus now
    they provide only hi-level API (SSL/TLS) and not low level
    encryption stuff I need. I think they have a long way to go before
    they can replace OpenSLL.

I think the situation with OpenSSL stinks. So much effort has and will be wasted discussing and working around it, only because the original library author won't remove the advertising clause (or no one, not even GNU/FSF, has the guts to ask him).


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