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linuxfocus multiple base package question / documentation and i18n stuff thrown in too

I just submitted an ITP for linuxfocus. I wanted to ask the right way to
name the package, and what the policy is on packages that only exist as
groups of other packages. I know virtual packages are ones that provide a
proxy for another package, but what is the reverse of that. Did I miss
something in the policy manual?

I intend to probably name them something like:
  linuxfocus-en-200207 for a July,2002 issue

  And then create a capstone package, for the language and then all of them

So you'd have something like a empty package with only dependancies:
  linuxfocus: which would provide (depend?):
    linuxfocus-es ,etc

  and then
    linuxfocus-en: would provide:
  etc etc (all installing into /usr/share/doc/linuxfocus)

  It's a lot of packages, but I think it breaks it up the right way, and I
think it makes the most sense for issues that will come out, in the future.
For a release:
  Change dep in linuxfocus-en (or any -lang), then update the package and
upload a new monthly.

  Also the descriptions in debian/control of i18n packages should be in
their native language, right?

  If someone can say whether or not I'm on the right track, that'd be cool.
Any other ideas are fine.


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