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help with lintian issues


I'm down to the last couple lintian issues on my packages but it's
unclear how I would go about fixing them.

I've already tried lintian -i, reading the lintian documentation
(lintian.debian.org) and searching google.

Here are the issues:

archaeopteryx{jaiger}$ lintian ../*.deb
W: libopensc0: package-relation-with-self depends: libopensc0 (>=
E: libopensc0: shlib-missing-in-control-file libscam.so

I'm not sure the root cause of these errors so here's some relevant

I've created both shlibs.local and package specific shlibs file with no
effect.  If I remove them, I get more lintian errors.

My package is actually a multi-binary package.  I create about 4
packages out of this one source tarball.  The 'libopensc0' package is a
package of 4 libraries that are pretty tightly coupled and all have the
same major version of 0.  They also have interdependancies.

libscam.so isn't built with a SONAME or version, the other libraries
are.  There *is* an actual library named 'libopensc.so.0' which I've
listed in the shlibs files.

Both shlibs files have the same content.  They enumerate the four
libraries in the libopensc0 package specifying libopensc0 as the package
containing them.

How would I resolve the above issues?  What control file is referred to
in the second error message?

I'm guessing in order to resolve the warning, I need to break the
libopensc0 package into 4, one for each library.  I guess I would need
to add versioning to libscam to resolve the Error.  Am I on track here?

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