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Re: architecture in script

At 16:14 +0200 8/18/02, Ian Zimmerman wrote:
>itz> The package uses a generic name for one of its configuration
>itz> files.  I >want to create a symlink from the generic name to the
>itz> correct (architecture-dependent) one.
>Geert> Could you tell us that makes sence?
       Could you tell us that it makes sence?
 Sorry, for the typo.

>Colin> It makes perfect sense if the package he's talking about is
>Colin> Architecture: all.
>Colin> Personally I might be inclined to make the package
>Colin> Architecture: any in this case, though.
>I assume by this you mean you'd select and copy the correct file at
>binary-package creation time, rather than installation time?

For an architecture, there two special keywords "all" and "any"


D.2.3 Architecture

This is the architecture string; it is a single word for the Debian

dpkg will check the declared architecture of a binary package against its
own compiled-in value before it installs it.

The special value all indicates that the package is architecture-independent.

In the main debian/control file in the source package, or in the source
package control file .dsc, a list of architectures (separated by spaces) is
allowed, as is the special value any. A list indicates that the source will
build an architecture-dependent package, and will only work correctly on the
listed architectures. any indicates that though the source package isn't
dependent on any particular architecture and should compile fine on any
one, the
binary package(s) produced are not architecture-independent but will
instead be specific to whatever the current build architecture is.

IMNSHO "I want to create a symlink from the generic name to the
 correct (architecture-dependent) one." adds only cruft,
at least I can't see no added value for it...


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